Bangalore, 6 agosto 2003
About 50 activists, under the banner of the Forum for Social Justice in Education, led by forum coordinator and Karanataka Rajya Ryota Sangha(KRRS) chief Prof.M.D.Nanjundaswamy, demanded that all eucational institutions in the State be nationalised in the interest of students
17 APRIL, 2003
KRRS to hold a massive rally of farmers in Davangere, Karnataka against Gmo's and Wto policies in particular, increasing debts of farmers, abolition of subsidy to electricity, crop-insurance frauds, all leading to increasing number of suicides of farmers.
Karnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha and the "Green Brigade"
Action 9/8/2002
"Call to Indian Scientists to banish from the country the Monster Monsanto which has come to destroy the people, the livestock and the environment"

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Indian Farmers announce war against Bt Cotton
Dharwar, April 17, 2002: